Unmanned Infrastructure Monitoring

Cutting Edge UAS Technology For Critical Infrastructure Security

High-Security Areas


Ensure the safety and security of your team, communities, and assets with unmanned systems. Launch these systems within minutes to gain enhanced aerial intelligence, reduce risks of hazardous inspections, and monitor remote areas safely.


Adding unmanned systems to your security protocol allows your teams to gather superior data and analyze hard-to-reach assets remotely. This approach provides better intelligence to secure, maintain, and protect your critical infrastructure assets.


UASs improve the reliability of water, energy, and transportation infrastructure with more reliable inspection techniques. These systems enable us to inspect critical infrastructure more frequently, obtain higher resolution data, and provide a better understanding of what needs attention.

Vegetation Analysis & Mapping

ultra-high resolution vegetation mapping within complex and remote landscapes

Deploy frequently to rapidly monitor and track native vegetation mapping, forest damage assessments, and invasive weed surveys. Compared with piloted aircraft, UAVs provide a much safer and cost-efficient way for data acquisition.

Our unmanned aerial systems and services gather, process, and deliver data in a format that is easy to understand and improves decision making.


NDVI Vegetation Mapping – Japan Public Water Reservoirs

Shoreline and highway analysis

Map & Monitor

Precisely map infrastructure and resources with LiDAR, NDVI, and EO/IR photogrammetry

Swift Autonomy provides survey-level analysis, maps, 3D models, and actionable data to help make critical decisions regarding safety, preventative maintenance, and security.

A better and more effective solution to conduct localized surveys of resources and critical infrastructure, including forests, oceans, coastal waterways, dams, utilities, grid infrastructure, data centers, ports or logistics, roads, highways, government buildings, and water treatment plants.

Safety, Security & Reliability

Reduce monitoring costs while increasing safety and reliability

As the world becomes “smarter” and relies more on digital systems and sensors, security will continue to be one of the most considerable challenges.

Utilizing autonomous unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to monitor critical infrastructure is essential to reduce monitoring costs while increasing safety and reliability.

Oil facility and pipeline monitoring

UAS Academy

Partner with Swift ​to create a sustainable UAS program

Strengthen Your Infrastructure Security

24/7 Situational Awareness

Day and night operations with autonomous drones provide round the clock flights. Quickly assess designated areas and have immediate situational awareness when a security breach is detected.

Heightened Safety

Enhance your existing security infrastructure by integrating autonomous unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Gap-fill blind spots in existing security measures with routine scheduled flights or one-time patrols.

Swift Action

Save time and resources with our autonomous unmanned aerial systems by providing real-time video, photos, and maps to security teams.

Remote & Hazardous Areas

Autonomous unmanned aerial systems can fly in areas where a manned aircraft would be restricted based on safety protocols and regulations.

Unmanned Infrastructure & Resource Monitoring Use Cases

Sensitive Industrial Sites

Water Treatment Plants

Oil & Gas

Grid Infrastructure


data centers



UAS Forest Monitoring


CA Coastline

Coastal Waterways

River Basins

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