Swift Autonomy provides turn-key unmanned systems and services for militaries, governments, municipalities, and commercial use.

A complete UAS suite with unmatched flexibility, quality, and safety

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More Than American Made

We engineer, design and build all of our best in class unmanned vehicles and systems in California. We are veterans, seasoned operators, system analysts, and data scientists.

data security

Your Data Is Secure

With intersecting layers of security, our unmanned systems communicate exclusively with the site(s) you choose.

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UAS Safety and Reliability

We provide safety through redundancy. Our systems are designed to keep performing under extreme circumstances.

Case Studies

Our team works with militaries, governments and corporations across the globe, solving their most complex problems with disruptive technology providing unmatched capability.


Bahamas Ministry of National Security

Fortifying National Security

Detecting, deterring, and disrupting transnational organized criminal networks to secure The Bahamas reputation as the safest nation in the region.

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Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Government of Japan

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Seawall change detection and monitoring to protect Japan’s $12B investment to fortify the nation’s coastline.

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UAS Landslide Monitoring and Change Detection

Government of Japan

Landslide Monitoring and Change Detection

Supporting the evolution of advanced warning systems and predictive debris flow management for communities with high probabilities of landslide disasters.

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Forestry and Environmental Management

Government of Japan

Forestry & Environmental Management

Saving the forest and economy from an invasive species by actively mapping and geo-tagging specific trees and problem zones in large forested areas.

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